SEDAR 29 HMS Gulf of Mexico Blacktip Shark

Project Description

The SEDAR 29 assessment was conducted following a Standard approach and addressed the stock of HMS Gulf of Mexico Blacktip Shark. One workshop to address new data and assessment issues was held March 19-23, 2012 in Panama City, Florida.

An Update to SEDAR 29 was conducted in 2018.  The full report can be found below under “Project Update Report”.  An addendum, including updated analysis after the Update review, can be found below under “Post-SEDAR Documdentation”.

NOTE: SEDAR Working papers document the methods, datasets, and preliminary analyses that are under consideration at the various workshops and therefore do not necessarily represent final consensus opinions of workshop participants. Working paper findings and methods may change following workshop review. Working papers should not be cited without author permission.

Project Workshops

SEDAR 29 Data/Assessment Workshop

Workshop Working Papers

Workshop Reference Documents

SEDAR 29 – Desk Review

SEDAR 29 was conducted as a Standard Assessment. Standard assessments are usually reviewed by the Cooperator’s Scientific Advisory Body (SSC or TC). HMS does not have such a Scientifitc Advisory Body so SEDAR arranged for a Desk Review conducted by the Reviewers from the Center for Independent Experts.

Workshop Reference Documents