SEDAR Steering Committee

Oversight of the SEDAR Program is provided by the SEDAR Steering Committee.  This Committee oversees the overall process and project scheduling.  A number of agencies, or ‘Cooperators’, are involved in the SEDAR process.  These agencies include:  the South Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Councils (respectively SAFMC, CFMC, and GMFMC); NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC); NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office (SERO); NOAA Fisheries Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Division; and the Atlantic and Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commissions (ASMFC and GSMFC).  Each Cooperator listed above is represented on the Steering Committee.  Specific members include: the NOAA Fisheries SEFSC Director; the NOAA Fisheries Regional Administrator; the Executive Directors and Chairmen of the three Regional Councils; the HMS Division Chief; and the Executive Directors of the ASMFC and GSMFC.

The next SEDAR Steering Committee Meeting will be held held in-person, Fall 2023.

Briefing book materials for the current meeting will be provided below when available, followed by final meeting reports.

Briefing Book Materials

Final Committee Reports