Research Recommendations

Stock assessments conducted through the SEDAR process usually contain a Research Recommendations section. These are produced by the appointed panels and analysts for a given assessment, with the purpose of these recommendations being to inform researchers of data gaps or modeling approaches that could potentially strengthen the next assessment.

SEDAR staff produce a consolidated research recommendation PDF that combines all assessments’ research recommendations together in one document for ease of reference. This document houses all research recommendations that have been produced since SEDAR 1 in 2002.

While this document provides a comprehensive accounting of the research recommendations for all SEDAR assessments, it can be cumbersome to navigate at times. To improve the usability of the Consolidated Research Recommendations document, SEDAR staff created the “SEDAR Research Recommendation Search Tool.” The purpose of this tool is to enable searching the Consolidated Research Recommendations document easier.  The research recommendations are separated by Cooperator (Agencies and organizations that participate in and provide oversight of SEDAR) and species.  This tool is embedded below.

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