SEDAR 69 Atlantic Menhaden

Project Description

SEDAR 69 addressed the benchmark and ecological reference points stock assessments for Atlantic Menhaden. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission coordinated the Data Workshops to be held April 23-27 and October 9-12, 2018 in Arlington, VA.  The ASMFC  also coordinated the Assessment Workshops April 1-5, 2019 in Arlington, VA  and June 24-28, 2019 in Providence, RI. The Review Workshop was coordinated through SEDAR and held November 4 – 8, 2019 in Charleston SC. 

For more information on the data and assessment workshops, please visit,  or contact Max Appleman ( or  703.842.0740).

For more information on the review, please contact the SEDAR Coordinator for this project, Kathleen Howington (


NOTE: SEDAR Working papers document the methods, datasets, and preliminary analyses that are under consideration at the various workshops and therefore do not necessarily represent final consensus opinions of workshop participants. Working paper findings and methods may change following workshop review. Working papers should not be cited without author permission.

Project Workshops

SEDAR 69 Atlantic Menhaden Review Workshop

Workshop Reference Documents