SEDAR 48 Southeastern U.S. Black Grouper

Project Description

SEDAR 48 assessed Southeastern U.S. Black Grouper.  The State of FLorida was the lead assesment agency.  The Data Workshop was held March 15-17, 2017 in Saint Petersburg, FL.  Due to concerns regarding uncertainty in the commercial landings history and the uncertainty surrounding the recereational estimates, the lead anayltic team decided to stop the assessment process until such time as these issues can be resolved, or alternative assessment methods investigated.   For more information, please contact the SEDAR Coordinator for this project, Julie Neer:

*** NOTE: SEDAR Working papers document the methods, data sets, and preliminary analyses that are under consideration at the various workshops and therefore do not necessarily represent final consensus opinions of workshop participants. Working paper findings and methods may change following workshop review. Working papers should not be cited without author permission. ****

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