SEDAR Data Best Practices

Throughout the course of SEDAR Data Workshops, certain topics and issues arise repeatedly during discussions.  To support and streamline these common SEDAR Data Workshop decisions for future assessments, Data Best Practices have been developed. A SEDAR Data Best Practices procedural workshop was held in June 2015. The final workshop report and all of the corresponding workshop documents can be found on the Procedural Workshop 7 webpage.

Per recommendations from the June 2015 workshop, the SEDAR Steering Committee established the Data Best Practice Standing Panel who will be responsible for developing additional best practices and evaluating existing best practices, as necessary. The Standing Panel has developed two documents: the SEDAR Data Best Practice Living Document and the SEDAR Data Issue Inventory. Both of these documents and meeting summaries from the Standing Panel are found below. 


SEDAR Data Best Practice Living Document

The SEDAR Data Best Practice Living Document houses all of the Data Best Practice recommendations and will be updated, as necessary, into the future. It includes all of the current data best practice recommendations, data templates, and process tools, as well as describes the role of the Standing Panel and the process for modifying or creating new Data Best Practice recommendations.

SEDAR Data Best Practice Living Document – September 2016


SEDAR Data Issue Inventory

The SEDAR Data Issue Inventory contains a running list of the identified SEDAR data issues. The inventory includes the issues identified during the June 2015 workshop and will be updated in the future as new issues are identified. The original inventories developed for the June 2015 workshop remain available on the Procedural Workshop 7 webpage.

SEDAR Data Issue Inventory – March 2017